It’s probably important to start by making it clear that we are not the ones who “finally got the Bible right”. Neither do we have the secret steps to find complete satisfaction in this world. We are, however, powerfully drawn to Jesus, his teaching and even more so, his life. So we are experimenting, and failing, and building a community that collectively follows his Way; hoping, trusting and even doubting that it might seed something beautiful in the world. We think the TRUTH about LIFE may just be LOVE and LOVE may just be the WAY. We exist as a church because we want to



The only thing we’ll ask of you is simple: relax.

-You don’t have to dress up (many people show up in jeans and tshirts).
-Friendly people will smile and say hello (it's okay to smile and say hi back).
-Hot coffee will be ready when you arrive (we usually have tea, water, and other drinks, even donuts sometimes).
-There will be fun, age-appropriate settings for kids birth-5th grade (they usually REALLY love church).
-The service will include some music, readings from Scripture, prayer, a teaching and a response time at the end (they typically last around 60 minutes).

-Sometimes we have baptisms and communion (We practice open communion, which means everyone is welcome. In order that all may participate equally, we serve communion with juice and bread.