Verve means “great energy and enthusiasm” which describes how most tweens and teens feel about something in their life. At GP, we want students (6-12th grade) to have verve about their faith.


6:00-7:30PM 6th-12th grades


6:00PM-6:30PM - hangtime & snack cafe

Okay, we get are hungry  on Wednesday nights...Come early, buy some snacks, and hang out with your friends.

6:30-7:30 - games & talk time

It’s the fun games you love and brand new ones you are going to love plus some talk time as we hear and discuss the lesson for the night. Each month we are talking about something new.

verve:house party

5:00-6:30PM 9th-12th grades
Join us on the 2nd and 4th Sundays for house party. Second Sunday will be a full-on meal centered around a theme. Fourth Sunday will be an activity night (either at the house or somewhere else). The other Sundays? Well that is chill time at your house with your family or friends.


11:00-11:55AM 6th-8th grades
Join us every Sunday morning (except the first Sunday) for a small-group style setting where we are talking about the basics of our faith. This is designed just for middle schoolers.