Thank you for your faithful giving in 2020. It was an unexpected year. But, through you, we we're able to still make an impact in our community for the Kingdom. We saw many lives forever changed through this ministry and God opened up many doors for us, as a church, to serve our community. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity. 

To access your 2020 giving statement, please go to the following link. 

You may need to create an account. 

You will need to click on the profile link in the upper right hand corner. Once in your profile follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Involvement" tab. 

2. Go to the "Financial" Statement. By hovering over that box, 3 dots will pop up. Click on those dots. 

3. Click on "Giving Statement" from the menu.

4. Fill out the form that pops up. You will want to select the "Family" option, and then click "Last Year" from the date range.

5. Click "Run Report"

If you have trouble accessing your giving statement, please contact Donna@gracepointchurch.tv