Weekly classes designed to help people "transform by the renewing of their mind." Led by a team of leaders in different areas (psychologist, pastor, financial advisor, fitness instructor, parenting coach, etc.). Multiple classes are offered to help people learn to change their perspective so that they may take control of their spiritual life, health and everyday interactions with others. 

Wednesday night classes start at 6:30pm sharp, so make sure you arrive on time! 

(Childcare is not provided for these classes)

Call (316)201-1771 for more information.


Crash Course Academy happens every Wednesday night at GracePoint Church. Below is a typical schedule of the evening:

6:00PM - Community

Snacks, Beverages, and a time of connecting with others prior to class(es) beginning. 

6:30PM – Class (45 min)

Seminar is located in the "Blast" Room. These will be led by professionals and experts in their field (e.g., psychology, bible, parenting, finances, etc.). Each month will build upon a different theme. So, Like and Follow Crash Course Academy on Facebook to keep up on the latest class schedule and information.

7:15PM – Group Discussion (45 min)

After the seminar, attendees will move into smaller groups. Group leaders will lead a discussion and this is a time to really dig into the information and learn how to personally apply it to your life circumstances.