Happy Friday Gracepoint - 

It's day 237 of quarantine life - kind of like dog years. Every time you turn on Netflix or get on Social Media a new day starts. We want you to know that we still miss seeing your faces and we are praying for you all during this time. 

Please let us know how we can pray for you during this time...and we would just love to hear from you! We want to know how you are doing, have you watched any new shows, made any great recipes, done something fun with your family - let us know! 

I wanted to update you on a few things as we head into the weekend...

1) This Sunday is Palm Sunday - that means Easter is a week away. We enter what is traditionally known as "Holy Week" and this week we plan on taking you on a journey through the final week of Jesus. 

2) EASTER SUNDAY - We are planning an incredible Online Easter Experience complete with music from our band and message from Pastor Mike. This experience will go live at 10am on Easter Sunday. 

3) FAMILY EASTER JAM - Following our online Easter service, we will be making a Family Easter experience available...this will be fun to join in with your kids. There are some supplies you will need for this experience - 2 Peeps (or large marshmallows), microwave, microwaveable plate, toothpicks, marker or sharpie, at least 10-20 pairs of socks, and a laundry basket. You + Your Fam + Easter Jam = An at-home experience you will never forget! 

4) GIVING -  Thank you for continuing to give through this season. While we are encouraging people to set up online giving ( we have also had people ask how they can give by check. While our offices are closed, you can still mail your tithe to the church address (9035 W. Central | Wichita, KS 67212). If you prefer to drop off gift, we can certainly arrange a time to do that as well. We ended March lower (as expected) than normal at $38,623. Our monthly expenses were $53,100. So far in April, we have received $4,812. I want to reiterate what I said last week and ensure you that as a leadership team (staff & board) we have taken steps to reduce costs in every way possible. God is faithful! Thank you for supporting this ministry during this time. 

5) OUR OUTREACH - Last Sunday Pastor Mike challenged us to be a Contagious Christian. Contagious in our love, our mercy, and our grace. One of the things many love about our church is that at our core, we serve our community. Even in the midst of crisis, we are serving. Our blood drive was able to collect 23 pints of blood, we sent our unused hand sanitizer to the St. Teresa ER, we have members volunteering to drive for Meals on Wheels throughout the county, Project Laundry filled 200 "To-Go" bags for families to still be able to have access to laundry services, and Project Teacher distributed nearly 4000 Ready At Home kits to area students (including those served through McKinney-Vento Homeless services) to use for virtual learning. 

Remember you can watch our service online this Sunday a few different ways: You can watch "ON DEMAND" every Sunday from our website - - In addition to our weekly message we have worship and you can also find our kids and student ministry videos and curriculum. 

You can also watch "ON DEMAND" from Facebook and our Vimeo page. 

We will also have two "live" experiences on FACEBOOK at 9:30am & 11:00am. Log in, watch the service, and chat with others.


Have an awesome weekend. Stay home. Stay Safe. Stay Connected to Jesus. 




Our prayer is that on this second Sunday where we could not meet together in person you were able to still carve out some time to make God a priority today. I wanted to take a moment, like we would do every Sunday to share a few things and also direct you to how your family can watch our services online. We realize that some do not have social media accounts and some may have had difficulty in viewing. 

YOU HAVE TO WATCH TODAY'S MESSAGE. Not only is it a huge blessing to those of us who may be letting worry creep into our lives - you have to watch to the VERY the VERY END...Pastor Mike brings some humor to our day - like only he can do. 

I want to bring your attention to three places where we upload our messages and programs. The first is our website - Specifically you can go to to find a media player with our message, a worship set, kids ministry lessons, and student ministry lessons. We invite you to engage your whole family in church today. 

The second option (and sometimes not always reliable) is our Facebook page. We have posted our message video, and links to our kids and student lessons and videos as well. Our KidzPoint and Verve pages have updated lessons and activities as well.

Finally, our vimeo page - - has our messages from each week. 

Our encouragement is that you engage with these church services, reach out to your GP friends and family and let them know you missed seeing them. It's crucial to hold onto the routine of church - even when it looks different. 

Let us know you are doing well and if there is anything we can pray for, please keep in touch. You can reply to this email or fill out our online connect card here -

We also encourage you to consider how you can partner with GracePoint during this time. Obviously, there are financial needs as our regular offering has decreased. We recognize there is a lot of uncertainty in these times, but we remain faithful, knowing God is ALWAYS faithful. You can give through our website or by going to this link -

In the coming days, we will have some volunteer opportunities emerge for how we can serve our community, as well as virtual ways you can help keep our church engaged and together. One way you can serve our community is through the upcoming blood drive on March 29th. Even though our services are online, we are still planning for this to take place. You can email for more information or to sign up and if there is any changes, we will make sure to communicate those to you as soon as we know. 


I miss you guys. There are some Sundays when I just want to stay home and drink chocolate milk and watch infomercials...but that is the last thing I want to do right now! This morning, Pastor Mike mentioned lots of hugs when we return to gathering together - and I think I may ACTUALLY be ready for that...or at least a few handshakes and high fives. You guys are awesome. Our gathering each week is so special and unique and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so ready to get through this and get back to Sunday mornings. You are my friends and this social distancing is killing me! So...please...reach out to one another - we are family and we are in this together! Love you all!

Pastor Terry

gracepoint update - 3/20/20

As we begin to embrace the idea of being a "scattered" church, we are learning and navigating how to continue to BE the church together. We miss the weekly celebration, the gathering together, and connecting with friends and family. Our desire is to continue to Know Jesus and Make Him Known and we know we can still do this - it just looks different. 

So we encourage you to do these things:
  • Engage in our social media posts, our emails, and check in on your friends and family from GracePoint.
  • Make it a point to sit down together and watch our weekly messages from our team. We will post them on our Facebook page as well as our website. Discuss the message with each other and engage online. 
  • Find a time to engage your kids with the weekly lesson and videos provided. Talk to them about the lessons and participate in the activities provided by our KidzPoint team. 
  • Let us know how we can pray for you. 
We are working for ways to still engage the community (in a healthy and safe way) through our outreach projects with our partners. We want you to be involved in these if you can! We will keep you posted on these opportunities. This is how we make Jesus Known. 

I also want you to consider how you can continue to give to the church through this unprecedented time. We want to ensure that we are prepared, when this clears, to continue to support our community. Even in the midst of this crisis, ministry is still happening and funds are needed. 

Normally, you could monitor the giving on Sunday in our worship guide, so we will update you via email through these weekly notes. This past Sunday, our giving was $5,886.20 - which is about 50% of our normal weekly giving. Our total giving (to date) for March is $24,081.36 which is about 46% of our typical monthly need. Thank you for faithful giving to the church! You can go to for more information on how you can give to GP. 

Finally, there is a rising need for blood donations. While we are not meeting together on March 29th, we will still be hosting our Blood Drive because of the need. If you are available and willing to donate, you can contact

We are so thankful for you guys! Praying for you all and praying that you will stay healthy and safe!

Pastor Terry


Good Evening GracePoint!

As things are rapidly changing in our community, as a staff we are looking at every possible way to stay connected as a body and still be able to Make Jesus Known during this time. There have been so many times in the history of the world that Christians had an opportunity to respond during crisis like the one we are in the midst of. We know that we are called to respond, to show love, and to offer hope and grace. Our prayer is that you would join us in this. 

Pastor Mike shared this with the staff today:

"There really is a lot of good that is going to come from all of this. It is bringing us together and waking us from our slumber. We are forced to come together and think about others while we improve our own daily lives by thinking about how our lives effect one another. It is going to be tough through the change, but as a caterpillar is isolated through the change - the beauty flies out on the other side. 

We will find ways to live practical faith while we truly live lives that are light of the world and salt of the earth. 

'For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.' - 2 Timothy 1:7"

As we enter into a season of a "new normal", we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of us. While we won't be meeting in our building for a little bit, we know that we can still build HIS CHURCH! We never once wanted this ministry to be about what happens on Sunday mornings but what happens every day of the week. This is our time to demonstrate that! Stay tuned as we develop our plans to minister to the city and each other in the coming days, weeks, and months. 

We are in this together! Praying for you all! 
Pastor Terry

If you give regularly to the ministry of GracePoint, please consider how you can still do this. We rely on your faithful and obedient giving to be effective in all that God has called us to do. If you would like to give online - you can do so here:

If you prefer giving by check or cash and would like to mail your gift to us, we are still receiving mail at 9035 W. Central Ave | Wichita, KS 67212. Our office will remained closed during this time and our staff will be working remotely. If any need arises, please leave a voicemail at 316-201-1771 or you can email us at


Due to the "large gathering" ban in Sedgwick County, there will be no Sunday services at GracePoint Church. Instead, you can join us online (website and social media) for our worship service. 

UPDATE - 03/13/2020 - 5:30PM

As many of you are probably aware, earlier today Sedgwick County put a ban on large gatherings of over 250 people. This has a direct impact on our Sunday services. With the ban in place, we will not have Sunday morning service in the building on Sunday, March 16th. Instead, our band and staff team will work to put our services online for you to watch on Sunday morning. You will be able to watch this service on our website at This service will be archived for you to watch anytime. 

We have also made the decision, out of caution and safety, to cancel all programs, classes, and activities in our building for at least this week until we can get a better understanding on next steps. 

Please consider continuing your support of what God is doing at GracePoint as we work to Know Jesus and Make Him Known. You can give safely and securely online at or by texting the word "gpwichita" to 77977. Click on the link that it sends to you and fill out the form. Every time you give you will receive a confirmation email and your donation will be synced with GracePoint's giving records. Even though we are not meeting in the building on Sunday, our ministry still continues outside of the walls. 

This is a fluid situation and things will most likely change. We will do our best to update you all through email, social media, and via text. If you have questions regarding any of this, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at

We are praying for our community, all that are impacted and at risk. We pray especially for those in the medical field who are on the frontline tending to this crisis. 

This Sunday, Pastor Mike's message will be a timely reminder that while people are gripped with fear and panic around us, we have a perfect opportunity to share the love and life-changing message of Jesus. Let's Make Jesus Known together! 

Terry Johnson

Executive Pastor

UPDATE - 03/13/2020 8:30AM

Good morning GracePoint - 

There have been some questions regarding what our church is doing in response to the Covid-19 virus that has taken over many of our minds, or at least our newsfeeds. This virus has created much conversation about how to respond as individuals, families, and communities. For some, this causes worry, fear, and anxiety. Yet for others, it causes skepticism, anger, and even annoyance. Wherever you land, there are always precautions we can take to prevent the spread of any virus - including the coronavirus. 

There have been no reports of COVID-19 from anyone who call GracePoint "home", and while our plan is to continue meeting for weekly worship, we wanted to let you know that there are adjustments that we all can make going forward. We would like to encourage you to join us in this:

  • You will notice that we have placed hand sanitizing stations throughout the building and encourage you to use these while at church. 
  • As a church, we will continue to disinfect all of our spaces and surfaces and have even increased our frequency in doing so. This includes on Sunday morning. Throughout the week and prior to each service, we disinfect common surfaces like doorknobs, handles, chairs, and tables. We also disinfect toys and spaces in the kids area.
  • We have decided that during this season (and heavy cold and flu seasons) we will not have an intentional greeting time during service. We do encourage you to say hello with an elbow bump, wave, or simply a smile. Remember - if someone refuses a handshake or hug, they are just being cautious - not rude!
  • We have made the decision to temporarily stop corporate communion during our service. In the coming weeks, we will introduce communion time with stations in the back of auditorium for your family to participate together and will continue to reevaluate the best way to serve communion together.
  • If you are sick or showing signs of any viral infection, we encourage you to stay home and join us online. You can watch our services from our Facebook page or our website at
  • We encourage you to consider online giving. You can securely and safely give through Pushpay here: We will continue passing buckets, but may make the decision to simply receive the offering in the back of the auditorium as you enter or exit. If you do choose to give cash or check, you will always have the option to give this way. 
  • Finally, if we have to cancel services or feel it is in the best interest of the health of our community, we will communicate this via our social media, email, and text. If you have not signed up for our texting service, you can do so here - groups/webform/MTEzODQ1


More than anything, we would like you to join us in prayer for our community and world as we navigate all of this together. Together, we will continue to Know Jesus and Make Him Known through all of this. If you have any questions regarding these recent changes, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
GracePoint Staff